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News Release – March 18th, 2015 Offers Specialized Job Board and Recruitment Tool for Ruby Development Community

Redmond, Oregon, March 18th, 2015 – Catch-all job boards are grossly inefficient when recruiters need someone with a precise skill set like expertise in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JRuby, RubyMotion and SciRuby. Meanwhile, Ruby developers face the same dilemma, only from a different perspective. Now, seeks to solve this problem, creating an enclave for the entire Ruby community of developers, employers and recruiters.’s mission is to become an indispensable career resource for those involved with every implementation of Ruby. One-of-a-kind features like “Run ’till it fills” job postings are a major part of that mission.

For employment seekers, is free and simple to use. New users begin by submitting one or multiple resumes, after which an account is automatically created. Personal and professional details can be imported from a LinkedIn profile. Additional features of the site include daily, weekly or bi-weekly job alerts and the option to upload a photo and/or an “interview style” video. The creators of encourage job seekers to take full advantage of the video option, as nothing works better to communicate one’s personality and soft skills.

Perhaps the most practical benefit of is that all postings are validated and accurate. That means no “fishing expeditions,” fake job posts or scams. Job seekers can immediately apply to any opening by submitting their online resume or LinkedIn public profile.

Those who hire Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JRuby, RubyMotion and SciRuby developers will discover much to love at The site currently offers four different job posting packages, and all postings “run ’till filled.” Every new job posting is pushed out to the site’s Twitter feed and co-posted on the Indeed job boards. For a limited time, the site is extending a steep discount to job posters. As part of ensuring a strong reputation,’s creators ask only that job posters strive for clarity and accuracy in their postings.

Employers and recruiters can effortlessly manage their job postings from within the site. Email alerts notify hiring professionals of new applicants in real time. These users can easily view, rate, notate and archive applications, or contact candidates to follow up. Alternatively, users can export applicant data on a particular job to a CSV file for offline management. understands the “community” aspect of the developer community. In the “Let’s Talk” section of the website, everyone in the community is welcome to participate in lively discussions on topics relevant to job seeking, recruiting and hiring.

Looking ahead, the creators of hope to make the site the go-to resource for Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JRuby, RubyMotion and SciRuby developers looking for jobs, and the employers looking to hire them.


The explosive growth of the Ruby language fueled by the implementations of Ruby on Rails as well as others implementation such as, JRuby, RubyMotion and SciRuby in recent years has demonstrated the need for a specialized job board exclusively for Ruby developers. Thus, was born. is a niche job/career board specifically designed to help Ruby developers of ALL implementations and levels find great positions with great companies. By the same token, the site is also dedicated to helping companies and recruiters seeking to hire smart Ruby developers of all levels. is always looking at new ways to help the Ruby developer community as well as provide solutions for companies to get the talent they need.